Tik Maynard

“Once we have partnership, we start training”

Tik is a fresh and dynamic horseman and his empathy with horses and humans alike and his charismatic nature, make him an impressive trainer.

Tik believes in developing fundamentals at the most basic level to be successful as horses mature. For those people who are more experienced, horse psychology helps them advance up the levels developing further understanding and better communication with their horses. 

Tik’s ability to quietly communicate to horses is impressive. By observation of a horse’s movement, behaviour and body language, and using the simplest of aids and equipment, Tik creates a plan to train each horse so they are relaxed, more easily trainable and happy to be ridden.

Once a partnership is developed Tik begins the horse’s training. While the relationship is the foundation, competition drives each of us to improve and reach for our potential.

In his video ‘What Motivates Horses’, Tik shares his philosophy and the methods that make him so successful when training horses to be great partners.

Tik Maynard – “What Motivates Horses”

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