Sean Coleman

Foundation and development specialist

For the last decade Sean has dedicated himself to developing his horsemanship skills. First and foremost Sean is an equine behaviourist and helps people to understand not only why horses do what they do but how to affect it. Sean is a 3* Parelli Professional and has spent extensive time learning directly from Pat Parelli as one of his apprentices.

Sean has 3 main interests:
– Natural Horsemanship
– California Bridle horses
– Classical Dressage

Helping all manner of riders, from recreational to Olympic level, Sean has worked with people in the Western, Show-jumping, Dressage, Polo, Eventing and Showing worlds. His mission is to share knowledge, understanding and compassion for the horse whilst still getting great results. Sean’s focus is to help people become better for their horses so their horses can become better for them, no matter what their discipline or goals.

Whatever you are having problems with, or if you are simply looking to refine your skills and be the best you can be, Sean will be able to help you!

Sean Coleman Online Lessons


Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.
Lessons are £90 for a 45 minute session.
Please make sure you submit your video AT LEAST 72 hours before your scheduled lesson to allow maximum time to upload to our portal and for Sean to watch it in advance.


Duration: 45 min
Capacity: 1
Once you have booked your lesson, we will get intouch to arrange a time mutually available.

How it works?

Step 1: Schedule your lesson using the link under each trainer section below. Once you have booked your lesson, we will get intouch to arrange a time mutually available. Step 2: Send us your video file (between 10 and 20 minutes in length) at least 72 hours before your lesson, to allow time for upload and for your trainer to view it. You can email this to us at or WhatsApp to +44 7958 527693 We recommend using to send large files by email. OR Option 2 – Live Lesson: Live stream your lesson! This can come with it’s challenges! We would only recommend that you go for the live option, if you have GREAT internet connection at your yard. You will need wireless ear pieces, so that you can hear your instructor and they also can hear you. Then an awesome friend to hold your phone/tablet for you – obviously this option is not for many in the current situation… or you can position your camera on a fence etc. The live option works especially well if you have previously had a video lesson. Step 3: A few minutes before your scheduled lesson, click the Zoom link sent to you via email. You will be directed to the video call and your trainer will meet you there. During the call you and your trainer will watch your video together (don’t worry, this is their part, you just need to be there!).