Online Lessons

Video coaching offers ongoing support for you and your horse regardless of where you are located or how often your chosen trainer may travel to your area. This is the next best thing to riding together!

Here in Horsemanship Hub we offer online lessons with some of our favourite trainers. Watch this space as we bring more and more on board!

How it works:
Step 1: Schedule your lesson using the link under each trainer section below
Step 2: Send us your video file
OR: Live stream your lesson! We would only recommend that you opt for the Live option if you have GREAT internet connection at your yard. The Live option works especially well if you have previously had a video lesson.
Step 3: A few minutes before your scheduled lesson, click the meeting link sent to you via email. You will be directed to the video call and your trainer will meet you there.

Detailed instructions are on each booking link. Enjoy!

“Brilliant – great system to cope with the present circumstances – congratulations!” – Lindy Wood

“The info about what to expect is really great and detailed.” – Alison Cheetham

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Ben Atkinson

Professional stunt rider, horse trainer and liberty artist

Ben’s horsemanship is spellbinding. He will wow you with fearless stunt riding, Classical Dressage and the art of Liberty! And now he can teach you to do the same…
Ben has enviable horsemanship knowledge in so many areas, there is not much that he couldn’t help with! In your video you are welcome to choose a few things for Ben to coach you with, maybe some ground skills, Liberty of course, Classical Dressage… the list could go on and on…!

Sean Coleman

Foundation and development specialist

Sean’s approach and philosophy towards horse training spans all disciplines at every level. His mission is to share knowledge, understanding and compassion for the horse whilst still getting great results. Sean’s focus is to help people become better for their horses so their horses can become better for them, no matter what their discipline or goals.
Whatever you are having problems with, or if you are simply looking to refine your skills and be the best you can be, Sean will be able to help you!

Jean Luc Cornille

Soundness specialist; Science of Motion

The Science of Motion approach works based on scientific proof that the abnormality exists first and it is the repetition of abnormal movement that causes injury. By correcting the abnormality early enough, it is possible to prevent the pathological changes that cause lameness. Likewise, even in lame horses, correcting the inherent abnormality is imperative for recovery and soundness.
This approach has been successful in rehabilitating many different chronic disabilities including severe cases of navicular disease and kissing spines.

Kat Pickering

Professional stunt rider and riding instructor

With an aptitude for hanging upside down on horses, Kat’s real passion is for Classical Dressage and Liberty. She studied Sports Science with Coaching at University and combines her understanding of coaching and psychology with her experience training horses. With a holistic approach to horse riding, Kat will help you develop your skills in the saddle and on the ground, and help you understand how to link the two. She will also aim to help you and your horse develop a deeper relationship at any level.

Debbie Sneddon

Equitation instructor and movement specialist

Debbie’s talent lies in a deep and intuitive understanding of how the horse’s body moves most efficiently and how the rider’s body can affect it.
Debbie will teach you how to correctly develop and coordinate his physique so he can perform and move soundly. Through correct training you can improve the physical and mental health of your horse, solving many problems such as asymmetry, straightness and loss of balance in both horse and rider. Whatever your level, you will evolve from teaching obedience to learning your horse’s language, all whilst keeping your horse sound, happy and confident.


Animal and Equine Body-worker and Communicator. Horse Development Specialist.

Due to life changing circumstances, in 1996 Chris developed an interest in nutrition and by 1998 had also started looking into emotional and spiritual aspects and took Reiki attunements 1 & 2. In 2000 Chris qualified in ITEC anatomy physiology, remedial Swedish massage and Applied Systematic Kinesiology.
Chris established Ways Clinic in 2001, giving her a platform to work successfully and progressively on a daily basis. For personal reasons, an interest in helping people with physical and verbal disabilities was always high on the agenda for Chris and over the next five years she developed intuitive skills to such a degree that verbal disability was no longer a hurdle to cross in order not to suffer a life of pain.

Frederic Pignon & Magali Delgado

Equestrian performance artists – Liberty and Dressage at its finest!

Known as the co-founders of Cavalia and EQI, Frederic and Magali have performed in front of more than two million spectators! They are exceptional equestrian artists and visionaries. Their horses are their inspiration and their teachers.
Love and respect is the core of their relationship and philosophy. Therefore, when you see them on stage, you can only be touched by such authentic heart, connection and creativity.

Arran Parker

Student of the Horse

Arran’s life’s work started at an early age exploring the connection between horse and rider and trying to understand how to fully engage and be present and free in every moment.
Having worked with many of the world’s great horsemen and trainers, his work is a marvellous and unique blend between Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage.

More trainers are joining Horsemanship Hub all the time. Watch this space!