Luis Lucio Clinic


2023 - Dates TBC
9.30am - 5.30pm
Horsemanship Hub, Willow Fields, Pump Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 3RA

Willow Fields, Pump Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire
We are thrilled to be welcoming Luis Lucio, Olympic Dressage rider and natural horsemanship enthusiast to share his knowledge and teach us all about the beautiful world of dressage.

This clinic is suitable for all levels of riders.

The days will start with theory sessions over coffee, then onto individual 45 minute lessons, closing with Q&A opportunities. On the 11th we will organise a rider meal with Luis Lucio.

Start Time: 9.30 am – 5.30pm each day

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It was in 1980 that, looking to learn about dressage and horses,I began to travel around Europe trying to find the techniques and knowledge that I missed. During the last 25 years I have been improving myself because of so many learning experiences with the best riders and trainers of the world.I have been lucky enough to ride with such a good dressage trainers as Herbert Rehbein, Reiner klimke, Sjeff Jansen, Patrick Le Rolland, David Hunt, George Wahl, Arthur Kottas, Hans Riegler, Jurgen Koschel and, since 1996, Jean Bemelmans. I have been enjoying the “savoir faire” of “Cadre Noir” riders of Saumur, on command of Christian Carde, the talent of Arthur Kottas and Hans Riegler of the Vienna Spanish Riding School, the extraordinary ability in collecting exercises on hand of my friends Manuel Ruiz, Ignacio Rambla and Rafael Soto from the Royal School of Jerez and the “Knowhow” of our Master in High School my friend Alvaro Domecq. “pie a tierra” de Manuel Ruiz, Ignacio Rambla o Rafael Soto, o del sentido del tempo de Alvaro Domecq. All those are magic moments difficult to forget.My friendship relationship since 1985 with Anky van Grunsvenor with my good friend and neighbour Beatriz Ferrer Salat, also gave me nice and rich rapports that give an extra value and interest to this long list of learning possibilities.After all that, 40 years of professional experiences as a rider and trainer and having achieved the preparation of 11 European Juner and Young riders Championships as a trainer and 2 Olympics, Atlanta and Sidney, as a rider, I have realised that in the training and developing the different skills of our dressage horses and riders, we need seriously to improve in mental and emotional knowledge of the horse. Pat and Linda Parelli came into my life in 2002 through my friend Cecile Glamour in Barcelona.From the first moment, they gave me their friendship but not only that, they also shared with me their enormous amount of experiences and knowledge about all those areas that I needed, those that were, still after such a long time, without the right answer.Discovering the mental and emotional control of our horses and improving our leadership using the right language coming from the natural behaviour of the horses, are the keys of this extraordinary method that Linda and Pat offered me.From here I invite all riders and horse lovers, whatever discipline they are in, specially those from the Dressage world that I know deeper, to know and practise the Linda and Pat Parelli Program, achieving a new level of relationship with the horses, never imagined before.

Course Logistics

Venue details: Horsemanship Hub, Willow Fields, Pump Lane North, Marlow SL7 3RA - 5 minutes from Jct. 4 M40 10 minutes from M4. Stabling or Turnout Pen available: £25 per day, stabling numbers are limited, the pens are approx. 5 x 10 metre, the grass will be low so please bring hay. Pen or Stabling bookings: You can book pen or stabling on Horsemanship Hub Centre. Hay and bedding: Please bring your own hay, or if pre ordered the by two weeks prior to the clinic £7 per bale. Bedding is provided in the stables, if you need additional the cost is £8 per bale. Camping/Staying onsite in your lorry: There is no hook up available onsite, but if you have you are self-sufficient you are welcome to stay onsite, this needs to be pre-arranged with Larisa by email: Catering: There will be tea, coffee, and refreshments available all day. Please make sure you bring your own lunch, snacks and anything else you might need. There is a fantastic pub opposite, The Three Horseshoes, with great takeaway options. Spectator: Chairs are provided so you don’t need to bring your own, however if you have one you prefer you are very welcome to bring your own. Please prepare for all weather, windy rain to gorgeous sunshine – it’s England after all! We have some covered areas and some open to the elements. Dogs: We LOVE dogs! But are sorry to say that we do not allow dogs at the clinics, however if the weather is safe, you are of course welcome to bring your dog in the car and take for walks away from the clinic and our dogs onsite. Please, email us at if you have any question.


Will my ticket come in the post? - Your booking confirmation receipt is your ticket, please have this available for us to view at check in on a device or printed out. Can I video the clinic? - Sorry this is not possible, you are welcome to take photos for personal use. Do I need to bring a char? - We have chars available for you, if at Horsemanship Hub (Willow Fields) you are very welcome to bring your own char for comfort. Is Horsemanship Hub (Willow Fields) outdoors? - Yes we are an outdoor venue, there is a large marquee for spectators to use come rain or shine, you are also welcome to bring umbrellas, hats and sunscreen - please prepare for all UK weather!


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