Liberty Stick

Designed by Mia Rodley, Heart of Horsemanship, originally for her own use, but we all loved them so much that they are now available for us all!

The stick is light, accurate, balanced and not too ‘whippy’ or bulky in the hand.

This is the perfect stick for when a lunge stick is too long and a schooling whip is not quite right, they are a super and pretty essential Liberty tool, the sticks are 50′ allowing you that extra stretch – especially helpful when you start to build a team at Liberty!

Liberty Sticks are £35 each.

Shipping £15.00 – collection also available, just pop us an email to arrange a time. If you order up to 10 the shipping does not increase.

*Due to the length of the stick the shipping cost is sadly high, Liberty sticks can be collected from Marlow.

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