Jean Francois Pignon



August 2024

‘The way of the horse’ is the way to train. Their language, their social structure and their needs are prioritised’ – Jean François Pignon

About Jean Francois

For almost 30 years, Jean François has presented his shows around the world.

This self-taught man was born on December 18, 1968 in Chalones sur Loire, in the west of France, and it was at the age of six that he arrived in Drôme with his entire family. The third boy in a family of five children, he remains confident of having had a privileged childhood, full of love despite the financial modesty of his parents.

Sportsman at heart, the little boy that he was only thought about running and playing football until the day a new arrival came to turn his life upside down…
André, Jean-François’s father bought a mouthful of bread a one-year-old filly he names Gazelle. Quickly, an extraordinary bond is woven between them. They play for hours, even go to school together.

Since 1993, JF has toured mainly abroad and particularly in Germany where spectators are very fond of freedom. He has the chance to do the biggest shows including Equitana five times (the largest European equestrian show), twenty different countries, including the following cities: Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Oslo, London, Doha, Budapest, Verona, Prague, El Jadida, etc.

About the clinic

Two days horsemanship clinic

We will be running a two day clinic, for you to join with your horse.

Jean François Pignon’s ability to communicate and perform with horses without traditional restraints has earned him acclaim in the equestrian world.

In this 2 day clinic, JFP will share his knowledge with us all.

You do NOT need experience with liberty to join this clinic, it would be fabulous to have a variety of participants, from start to advanced, so that we can all learn the various stages and information that JFP will be sharing.

The clinic format will be two groups of 6 horses. 12 horses in total.

Depending on depth the groups, we will do one or two sessions per day.

We anticipate a high demand for this clinic, for this reason we shall take all applications and will pull riders names from a hat live on Facebook – date TBC

Rider places are £400 for the 2 day clinic.

Stabling is additional, a link will be sent to you at the time of booking.

About the evening


Join us a sensational evening with Jean François Pignon and his 13 horses!

Jean François Pignon is renowned for his captivating performances, showcasing his remarkable Liberty artistry with his team of 13 horses!

The bond and communication between JFP and his horses creates a mesmerising spectacle of trust and harmony.

A true horseman, Jean François Pignon’s ability to communicate and perform with horses without traditional restraints has earned him acclaim in the equestrian world.

The evening will start with special guest Ben Atkinson as act 1!!


Jean Francois Pignon

Aintree International
Equestrian Centre

Aintree International Equestrian Centre, Ormskirk Rd, Aintree, Liverpool L9 5AS

8th & 9th August 2024 (Thu & Fri)

Jean Francois Pignon

Equestrian Centre

Addington Equestrian Centre, Addington, Buckingham MK18 2JR

16th & 17th August 2024 (Fri & Sat)

    Rider application & Join our mailing list

    If you would like to be a participant/rider on the clinic, please complete your details below, preferred dates, you are of course welcome to put both clinics, if you are happy to travel. We expect a high demand on places, our plan is to pick from a hat! It’s to hard to choose otherwise.