Harmony Equitation

Online Courses

Created by Jennie Blakehill, Harmony Equitation combines horse behaviour and natural biomechanics into a horse friendly, ethical training methodology that treats all horses as individuals and allows everyone to develop a deeper understanding of their horse and training practices that prepare the horse thoroughly whilst keeping them sound.

We are excited to be able to bring the Harmony Equitation online course to Horsemanship Hub! This course is an excellent foundation in horsemanship, setting you up to be able to progress your horse into any discipline you choose.

The course is divided into three parts, with no obligation, so you can do one piece at a time, or enroll in all three together for a great discount, if you know that this is what you’re looking for!

"I am super excited to be working with Jennie! I met her some time ago whilst at a horsemanship event and I thought then what a kind and friendly person. You can tell that she is 100% dedicated to the horses well being and wants to show others how to achieve optimal success both in horsemanship skills with their horse and horse training for that horse whilst maintaining a great bond between horse and human and ensuring the welfare is at its highest. She teaches you about the whole horse and has a wealth of knowledge in all areas meaning she doesn’t just fix one problem, but enhances your horses life overall.

I had a couple of lessons with Jennie when she was passing through, as she is not local to me, I was hooked and wanted more but being so far away this was tricky. So Jennie supported me online and I would ask her questions and send small video clips where needed. Then she launched her online course and video/live lessons and I can’t express how pleased I am! This works great for me. It means I can manage my time with the online learning and progress at the speed I want and my horses need. When ready, I just book a lesson slot and with someone filming I have direct access to Jennie, she coaches me through my wireless ear phones. It’s perfect! I love the online course as it is easy to follow and interactive. You are set mini assignments and there are small quizzes to ensure that you have retained the knowledge in each section. She also holds weekly webinar sessions for all to join where she clearly explains how the horse functions and the science behind why we do what we do. I love the way that she breaks all the information down into manageable bite size pieces and the way she explains it in layman’s terms so we can all understand. Jennie is an amazing teacher and her best skill is that she adapts to the horse and rider that she is presented with at the time. I look forward to more learning with her and watching my horses and I progress."
Laura Cartwright