Hanna Walton

Marrying good horse psychology and biomechanically correct physical training with an understanding of how the human body works and communicates.

Hanna has ridden throughout her life, always being given the tricky, unridable horses. This took her on a journey in to horsemanship, where she has trained with some of the best horsemen in the world.

As an eventer Hanna also trains and rides with some of the top event riders in the world, and combines her natural approach to horse development with eventing.

Hanna has worked extensively with a number of leading figures in the equestrian world, including, Pat and Linda Parelli, David Stuart, Tik Maynard, Sinead Halpin, Monty Roberts, Ros Canter, Ian Cast and Sarah Bullimore.

For Hanna, balance is a critical word. Balance between the horse and rider, balance in the horse’s body, balance in the training plan and most importantly, balance between natural horsemanship and the classical disciplines.

This approach, has led to a unique and bespoke experience for each of her clients and their horses. Hanna prioritises finding ways to make the horse feel motivated to be part of any goal, and push beyond simply having a willing partner, aiming to help horses and riders reach their individual potential.

In this video Hanna will teach you how to develop rhythm and balance in the canter, from the ground up.

Hanna Walton – “Rhythm, Posture and Balance in the Canter”

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