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Science of Motion

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Jean Luc Cornille

Science of Motion

The Science of Motion is a new approach to rehabilitation therapy, developed by Jean Luc Cornille, which, instead of treating the damage, addresses the kinematic (characteristics of motion) abnormalities that cause the pathological changes which lead to lameness in the first place. The approach has been used to successfully prevent and rehabilitate lameness, where other therapies have been ineffective, underlining the capacity of the horse’s physique to heal itself, so long as the source of the abnormal stress has been corrected. The Science of Motion approach works based on the scientifically proven fact that the kinematic abnormality is there first and it is the repetition of abnormal kinematics that causes injury. Every horse moves differently and since none move perfectly, especially with a rider on their back, even minor defects in gait can eventually result in lameness. As with human athletes, careful analysis of how a horse moves and the use of an individualised training program can both enhance performance and rehabilitate injuries, including those resulting in chronic lameness. By correcting the abnormality, if done early enough, it is possible to prevent pathological changes. Furthermore, once damage has already altered the integrity of the muscle, ligament or bone structure, correcting the abnormality is imperative for recovery and soundness. This approach has been successfully utilised to rehabilitate many different chronic disabilities including severe cases of navicular disease and kissing spine.


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