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Elizabeth Monk Photography

For me photography is a way to stop and press pause, to not let precious moments slip away un-noticed. But more than that, my mission is to capture the amazing connection and bond my clients have with their equine friends, not just for when they look back, but to appreciate even more the time they have now.

My passion for photography started with landscape, but some of the photographs I treasure most are those I took of my two younger sisters many years ago. Time passes so fast! I didn’t realise but I am so thankful I have those childhood photographs. Yes, I still love wandering the moorlands with my camera in my hand, but there is nothing more rewarding than capturing a shared moment that will be treasured as much as I treasure the childhood memories I captured many years ago.

My love for all things wild and beautiful is the reason why I am passionate about horses and why I specialise in equine photography: As an artist, it is equine portraiture that I love the most.

"A photoshoot is a way to “stop and press pause", and protect your precious moments before time whisks them away… And my hope is that in commissioning me to capture your unique bond with your equine companions, that you will notice and appreciate even more the wonderful time you are sharing together now."

And please don’t be put off at the thought of having a camera pointed in your direction. What could be better than enjoying time with your precious horses whilst someone else composes, directs and guides you so that you both look amazing?

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