Debbie Sneddon

Bringing you the latest gymnastic training techniques.

Debbie has been an equitation instructor all her working life, specialising in Showjumping and Dressage, and is a long term student of Jean Luc Cornille (Science of Motion). She will teach you to have a better understanding of the biomechanics of the horse’s vertebral column, which is the basis of all it’s body movements and how to correctly develop and coordinate the horses’ physique so he can perform and move soundly. Through correct training you can improve the physical and mental health of your horse, solving many problems such as asymmetry, straightness and loss of balance in both horse and rider.

Learn how to change the way you sit, change the way you think and adopt a positive mental attitude. Whether you are a novice or advanced rider, you will evolve from teaching obedience to learning your horse’s language, all whilst keeping your horse sound, happy and confident.

Debbie Sneddon Training Videos

Check out the first in a new FREE video series from Debbie about bringing your horse back into work safely…

Debbie Sneddon Online Lessons


Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.
Lessons are £35 for a 40 minute session.
Please make sure you submit your video AT LEAST 72 hours before your scheduled lesson to allow maximum time to upload to our portal and for Debbie to watch it in advance.


Duration: 40 min
Capacity: 1
Once you have booked your lesson, we will get intouch to arrange a time mutually available.

How it works?

Step 1: Pay for your analysis and progress plan using the button below. Once you have booked your lesson, we will get intouch to arrange a time mutually available. Step 2: For your lameness or movement analysis and progress plan from Debbie, all you need to do once you’ve paid is submit a video of your horse’s movement, either ridden or on the ground. If you are riding, Debbie will also provide an analysis of your riding and what you need to do to help the horse to move more efficiently. Please make sure your video is close range and well lit, so Debbie can see the co-ordination of the horse’s joints in detail. Details of here to send your video are at the top of this page. Send us your video file (up to 30 minutes), referencing Debbie Sneddon and your name in the subject line. You can email this to us at or WhatsApp to +44 7958 527693. We recommend using to send large files by email. Step 3: We will upload your file for Debbie to view and write a detailed report. You will have your report back within a week. Step 3: A few minutes before your scheduled lesson, click the Zoom link sent to you via email. You will be directed to the video call and your trainer will meet you there. During the call you and your trainer will watch your video together.