David Zuend

“My goal is to help everyone get closer and achieve their dreams with horses”

David is a 4* Parelli Professional and Young Horse Development Specialist, originally from Switzerland, now based in the UK with his wife, Alison. Together, at their facility The Horse Place in North Devon, they are dedicated to helping people live their dreams, achieving calm, confident and responsive horses.

David’s biggest passion is colt starting (backing of youngsters); he starts colts all year in England and twice a year in Switzerland. Coming from a background in mountaineering, David believes that mountaineering and colt starting are very similar… it’s critical to respect the laws of nature and important that the whole team (guide and guest) makes it to the top and back to the cabin before dark.

In this training video, filmed over three days, in real time, David starts a young horse and discusses the fundamentals of training for long term partnership.

“I promise to put my relationship with you, my student first. And I promise to help you put the relationship with your horse first. Rather than perfecting the task, we will care more about confidence, trust, motivation and willingness as true horsemen do.”

David Zuend – “Starting a Young Horse”

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