Chris Roy

Animal and Equine Body-worker and Communicator. Horse Development Specialist.
Due to life changing circumstances, in 1996 Chris developed an interest in nutrition and by 1998 had also started looking into emotional and spiritual aspects and took Reiki attunements 1 & 2. In 2000 Chris qualified in ITEC anatomy physiology, remedial Swedish massage and Applied Systematic Kinesiology.

Chris established Ways Clinic in 2001, giving her a platform to work successfully and progressively on a daily basis. For personal reasons, an interest in helping people with physical and verbal disabilities was always high on the agenda for Chris and over the next five years she developed intuitive skills to such a degree that verbal disability was no longer a hurdle to cross in order not to suffer a life of pain.

Word of Chris’ successes had begun to circulate and by 2006 a slow and steady trickle of calls from the horse world began. To her true amazement, the very same principles that she had been applying on a daily basis in the clinic with human clients who were unable to communicate through speech, were working on horses, with just as profound results.

Within a year, horses had become two thirds of Chris’ work and over the years her communication has benefited horse/human relationships across the equestrian world, from cowboys to princes. Chris has found that all animals respond to communication.

What is intuition?

The ability to take a good, educated guess. If correct, this saves anxiety, pain and finances.

Communication without words – How does it work?

Working doggedly for twenty years, Chris has combined all of the above knowledge with care, integrity and tenacity and now believes she is in a position to hear, speak to and help those who have no voice, regardless of how many legs they have.

But what about the science?

Applied Systematic Kinesiology uses a series of biofeedback tests to identify correct structural, nutritional, emotional and energetic imbalances, using structural techniques and specific stimulation of muscle spindle cells and golgi tendon tissue within muscle structures.

How does a session work?

Clear visual assessment – Looking at shape and condition of muscle and skeletal systems
Result: Good shape = good function in 90% cases

Clear communication between Chris and the owner
Result: Good rapport = a good outcome

Clear communication with the animal
Result: Good connection = good results

Clear guidance to carry out muscular adjustments
Result: Good guidance for the owner = good standard of correction

Clear advice regarding nutrition and lifestyle
Result: Good guidance for the owner = good condition

Chris offers consultation and guidance on nutrition and muscular skeletal development, assessment and correction.

About Chris

"Being a professional in the horse industry I hear all the time about animal communicators and people that have a great understanding of biomechanics but Chris Roy is a league apart.
She has an honest, clear but unorthodox style about her which is very interesting and which I love.

I met her about 3 years ago in the UK and when I received help with my horses, it really opened my eyes to her abilities. Being from Australia and her being in the UK it was amazing to me that she could explain from that distance what my horses needed and be so accurate. Using a combination of muscle memory, channeling, and dowsing she has helped with biting, a horse’s vision, colic, tongue realignment, hoof balancing and digestion. With my hands acting as hers the results have been great. If you have any unsolved issues or want to help your horse with its health and wellbeing contact Chris Roy."
Sam Caporn
4* Parelli Professional
I first met Christine when my best competition horse and I had an accident while competing in a National competition, and he had damaged his leg. After a year off he was sound, and back in work – but he wasn’t my horse, he had lost his enthusiasm and joi de vivre. I couldn’t explain this to any professional, he was sound and apparently nothing physically wrong, but he wouldn’t give me his all. I had tried everything. My yard manager suggested Christine, after just one session I was amazed, he was back to the passionate, enthusiastic, expressive horse that I knew and loved.

I was intrigued – I needed her to treat me, I knew that I had issues that hindered my effectiveness as a rider – after she had treated me, I felt like I was in someone else's body, it was bizarre, I was so much straighter even my feet were straighter when I walked!

My horse and I went on to compete in Europe and bring home a silver medal – I could not recommend Christine enough, she is truly incredible, and refreshingly normally only needs just one or two sessions to put everything right.

She now treats most horses in my stables, and everyone I have recommended her to has also been truly astounded at the incredible benefits of her treatments.
Emma Nuttall
Managing Director, Kent Carriage Horses

Chris Roy Online Lessons


Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Chris is currently available every Monday from 10am – 1pm

A typical session with Chris is 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

Please make sure you are with your horse at the time of your session and that you have a good connection on your device for your Zoom call.


Duration: 50 min
Capacity: 1
Once you have booked your lesson, we will get intouch to arrange a time mutually available.