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In this 24 minute video, Ben Atkinson gives 7 year old Arya a lesson with Klaus ‘Merrylegs’.
In this lesson Ben helps Arya to be in the right place at the right time!
Ben coaches Arya with a little help from his demo horses Georgie Atkinson!
Ben starts to introduce some foundation liberty guidelines and cues, along with some more advanced trick cues, the importance of being clear and of course the importance of having fun!
This video was filmed at Horsemanship Showcase, with a live audience.


This fantastic demonstration was filmed at Horsemanship Showcase 2021.

In this video Ben starts with an amazing 20 minute show with his Liberty Team, he displays what can be done! It is full of spellbinding horsemanship from Ben, precision, consistency and LOTS of fun and WOW!

Ben then shows us how to ‘Build a Liberty Team’ and how to work a Liberty team! Even if you never intend to add a second, third, fourth… or 12 ! to your team, it is fascinating to watch and hear the details that go in – prepare to have eyes in the back of your head!

Ben Atkinson – “How to” Series

For this series Ben has broken down some of the most asked about tricks in the industry, from the Bow to the Spanish Walk, Lay Down, Piaffe and more, along with his decoding of Liberty… including The Missing Piece and The Secret Aids. The first two in the series, ‘Bow’ and ‘The Missing Piece are here now…

Keep an eye on our Horsemanship Hub for the release of the next piece, which will be coming very soon!

“At home with Ben Atkinson”

In this behind the scenes educational documentary, Ben will wow you with fearless stunt riding, classical dressage and the art of liberty. But what does it take to create a courageous action horse and how does he form those unbreakable bonds of trust?

We are passionate about sharing the very best horsemanship from around the globe, in clinics, demonstrations, films and events. For this film, Larisa spent a day with Ben Atkinson, stunt rider, trick trainer, Liberty artist and horseman, to learn what it takes to train the ultimate performance horse.